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Jerky & More
Jerky & More does not just stop at making jerky and snack sticks.  We also make fresh mouth watering specialty brats.  Our store also includes a wide variety of Wisconsin cheese, Michigan jams, honeys, and syrups. In addition to the many food products we have hand crafted decretive cutting boards.   
Specialty Brats For Sale Howard City and Northern Michigan
Beer            Honey BBQ               Honey Mustard        Pineapple            Sweet Italian            
Roasted Garlic Sundried Tomato           Cajun            Hot Italian

Sweet Italian w/ Cheddar    Bacon & Cheddar    Roasted Garlic Sundried Tomato w/ Mozzarella
Philly Cheese w/ Swiss    Mushroom & Swiss    Cajun w/ Cheddar 
Buffalo Bleu    Smoked Jalapeno w/ Pepper Jack    Sriracha w/ Habanero Pepper Jack
Hot Italian w/ Cheddar  Hawaiian Heat with Pepper Jack 

Wisconsin Specialty Cheeses For Sale Howard City and Northern Michigan